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Tall Tales Ranch

Help Us Build a Ranch to Support People Living With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

  • Mission

    Tall Tales Ranch is dedicated to providing a life sharing community where both people with and without disabilities can live in a supportive, cooperative environment that honors their individuality, celebrates their uniqueness and helps them to reach their full potential.

  • Vision

    To provide an alternative living experience, designed to enhance the lives of adults living with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and to give their loved ones comfort knowing that they are always well cared for, challenged, productive and appreciated for who they are. By sharing life and work with people who are not living with disabilities, and by connecting with the community, Tall Tales Ranch will be an open place where all will come to be in nature, work with the earth, express their creativity and experience true diversity in action.

  • Volunteer

    If you would like to help us build Tall Tales Ranch, please check out our volunteer opportunities on our Support Us page and fill out our Volunteer application form.

The Short Story

The Main Characters - Who Will Live on the Ranch?

Tall Tales Ranch will be designed for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as community and staff members who wish to live, work, and volunteer in a truly diverse community.

The Setting - Where Will the Ranch Be Located

Tall Tales Ranch will be located on Schweiger Ranch, in Lone Tree, Colorado. This 38-acre property is centrally located at I-25 and Ridgegate and has easy access to the Ridgegate community and a new Light Rail line.

The Timeline - When Will the Ranch Be Completed

Phase I-2018-2020:  Build Relationships. We are focusing on cultivating relationships with the Lone Tree, and greater Denver, community.  We are building the foundation of the Ranch from a financial, programmatic and sustainability standpoint.

Phase II-2020-2022:  Build the Ranch.  We will build the residences and the Community Center Barn.  We will identify future Ranchers and continue to be a presence in the Lone Tree Community.

Phase III-2022-Ever After:  Establish the Ranch and Live Happily Ever After.  We will establish business operations of both the event venue and the coffee shop.



What is a ranch without animals? At TTR, there will be horses for therapeutic riding and horsemanship, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and pigs. The Ranchers will live alongside these creatures and will care for them-learning about responsibility, unconditional love and nurturing.



We will devote an area of our property to a community garden that will be cared for by the community. We will not only be able to use our produce for our own nourishment, we will sell our items at local farmer's markets, and garden alongside our neighbors.


Community Connections

Tall Tales Ranch will be a neuro-diverse community, housing both people living with I/DD and those without I/DD. Our neighbors will be people who have a heart for living in community and being good neighbors. They may be retirees, interns or artists in residence who want to live in a special community.

Tall Tales Beliefs

  • All people deserve the opportunity to live and work in an atmosphere that honors their individual strengths and interests.
  • People learn invaluable life lessons by interacting with others who may not be like them.
  • All parents deserve to know that their adult children living with disabilities are safe, happy, challenged, and well cared for.
  • All people deserve to be empowered to live a life that is respectful, purposeful and dignified.

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