Why the Name Tall Tales Ranch?

Ross Mooney, the inspiration behind Tall Tales Ranch, has a healthy obsession with people’s height and he loves tall people! He has also become famous for his tendency to stretch the truth and to exaggerate, much like a tall tale; hence the name Tall Tales Ranch.

Who Can Live at Tall Tales Ranch?

Residents of the Tall Tales Ranch housing community will be “neuro-diverse”, which means people with and without intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) will live with or without a roommate in neighboring apartments.

How Many Residents will Live at Tall Tales Ranch?

Tall Tales Ranch will have a total occupancy of 32 residents. Most of the units will be 1 bedroom, but we will have some 2 bedrooms units as well.

What is the Funding Model for TTR Residents?

TTR will be a 100% consumer-controlled setting and will not become a PASA (Program Approved Service Agency) that is able to accept Medicaid waiver funding. This ensures that the residents can choose the provider of their preference that best meets their individual needs as one’s choice of residential service provider is completely separated from their housing choices. It also increases the flexibility of residents as they can change PASA’s at any time due to a shift in support needs or quality of services.

Will There Be Any Supports for the Residents at TTR?

Tall Tales Ranch will offer all of our residents the opportunity to participate in various amenities and community building activities. Examples may include a round-the-clock concierge service, life skills classes, and planned social events as requested by residents. The coordination and participation in these activities will be paid for through an additional community fee.

What is the Purpose of the Community Event Barn?

In addition to the private residences, TTR plans to have several income producing entities including a coffee shop and a beautiful Community Center Barn that will be used as a venue for small gatherings and events. Both of these social enterprises will intentionally strive to provide job opportunities and vocational training for people living with special needs throughout the greater community.

Do you Have a Waiting List for Residents?

At this time, we do not have an official waiting list for people interested in living at Tall Tales Ranch. To join our mailing list and receive updates, please click here.